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ecalled in the ▓letter that close to 100 detainees still lan▓guished in Guantanamo after years of arbitrary detention ▓without trial (www.un.org, January 11, 2016).The United States spied on leaders from other countries. The BBC reported on April 30, ▓2015 that the U.S. National Security A▓gency, by working with other secret services, has long monitored on European leaders (www▓.bbc.com, April 30, 2015). The Independent reported on▓ June 24, 2015 that the United States had bugged the phones of three French presidents and many other senior French officials, for which a French government spokesman said was "unacceptable" (www.independent.co.uk, June 24, 2015). Facing criticism from its allies, the U.S. government continued to monitor some leaders in th▓e name of "national security purpose" (w▓ww.theguardian.com, Decem

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